Key consultants



Yuri Melnikov, PhD.


Mathematician, 40 scientific publications. Lives in Brussels, Belgium for more than 15 years. Team Leader, Workpackage Coordinator, and Deputy Project Coordinator in more than 10 international Research & Development (R&D) projects financed by the European Commission (EC) within several Framework Programmes (FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7).


Was involved in preparation of R&D project proposals for several private companies and public institutions in Austria, Belgium, Russia, Sweden and UK. Was personally responsible for submitting 9 proposals of which 5 received EC funding (more than 50% success, while even 20% is considered to be a good success rate for the FP proposals).


2005-2009 – Scientific Officer for Mathematics, Physics and Information Technologies at INTAS. Duties included setting up and management of Calls for Proposals, administration of the evaluation process, monitoring of the on-going projects, and organisation of brokerage workshops.






Sergei Gutnikov, MD DPhil (Oxon).


Lives in Oxford, UK, for the last 20 years. Graduated as a medical doctor in Russia; has worked in research since graduation; co-author of publications in the fields of experimental psychology, neuroscience, evidence-based health service in high-rank international scientific journals (The Journal of Neuroscience, Lancet and other). Currently works as a research associate at the Department of Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford.


Took part as a researcher in several R&D projects and as a consultant in other projects where facilitation of interaction between the Eastern and Western European partners was needed. 


2006-2009 – Scientific Officer for Life Sciences at INTAS responsible for administration of proposal evaluations and monitoring of on-going projects.


Since 2007 – independent evaluator of proposals submitted within the FP7; on an occasion was selected as an “ambassador” of the primary group of evaluators to the next level (“the Panel”).






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