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grants for small and medium enterprises (SME) and universities

The EUROSTARS programme provides grants for market-oriented research and development performed by small and medium-sized enterprises (R&D-performing SMEs). It is managed by EUREKA – a pan-European network for market-oriented industrial R&D.

Information on EUREKA and the Eurostars Programme is available on the Internet, but there are reasons to look for additional information in order to clarify some important points:

        the Eurostars is NOT a standard part of the EU Framework Programme FP7 but a joint initiative between EUREKA and FP7; therefore, standard rules of FP7 are not directly applicable to the Eurostars Programme; this may mislead even those potential applicants who are experienced in European projects;

        detailed guidelines for the applicants are available on the Internet as a set of legal documents, which are sometimes not easy to read and properly interpret;

        it is advisable to have a review of specific features and peculiarities of the Programme from practicing professionals, before spending a large amount of time and effort for writing a grant application.


We offer lectures and seminars in which we make an overview the Eurostars Programme and give practical advices to potential applicants. These are based on our experience from work as coordinators of project evaluation process in an grant-giving organisation and also on our specific experience with writing applications for Eurostars grants.

The prospective audience is managers of SMEs who intend to strengthen their R&D work through an international research project funded by an external source. The information we offer is complementary to the official guidelines provided by EUREKA and is mostly focused on informal practical issues, the “know-how” of grant-writing. This will help grant-seekers to avoid many mistakes in project proposal and to increase the chance of winning the grant.

For more detailed information about writing grants for the Eurostars programme please contact us.

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