A Three-Step Way

Towards A Successful Project Proposal

Even the best ideas may not get financed if the proposal is not written in a perfect way. We have more than 10 years of experience in both preparations of successful project proposals and running the projects. Also, some of our consultants served as evaluators of proposals for the European Commission and know the whole process “from within”. To share this knowledge and expertise with the leaders of the research groups (i.e. potential applicants) we offer the Three-Step Grant Writing Training Program (3-STP)


·    Specific to the needs of your group (adapted accordingly to the research field and experience of the applicant)

·    Focused on practical steps leading to writing a real project proposal for submission to a relevant EC call

·    Affordable: you start from a small low cost step without any commitment to pay for the full program from the beginning.


The 3-STP includes the following three elements (steps):


A.  Lecture (2 hrs) addresses the following core points:

·    Who has a chance of receiving funding?

·    Rules and regulations of the Horizon-2020 program: what do they mean for the applicants in practice?

·    How much effort is needed for writing a project proposal

·    Which problems applicants may encounter while preparing a proposal

·    Is your idea worth the effort to needed? What is your chance of success?

·    What should be your next and further practical steps?


The lecture can be organized in Brussels (the home of the European Commission), Oxford (the home of Oxford Progress), or at a location of your choice.


B. Seminar (2-3 days) “European funding for international projects involving scientific and educational organisations, high-tech and innovation companies, and social initiatives”. Seminar is planned for total duration of up to 12-15 hours (breaks not included) and can be held in 2 or 3 days. It addresses the following major topics:

·    General information – 1 hour

·    First steps towards a European project – 2 hours

·    How to chose partners for the Consortium – 1 hour

·    Project proposal preparation – 3 hours

·    From a project proposal to the project – 1 hour

·    Specific features of the projects involving partners from the third countries – 2-3 hours (optional and be focused on a specific country)

·    Running the project and further perspectives – 2 hours

·    “The secret Know-How”: practical recommendations based on previous experience – 2 hours

·    Answering questions – 1 hour


Please have a look at the suggested detailed agenda of the seminar. It will be adapted to the specific requirements of the seminar host.


The training seminar can be organized at the place of your choice. The cost of the seminar is dependent on its duration, location and the expected number of participants. Typically, the host provides a lecture room, organises coffee breaks and pays for two consultants (fee, travel, accommodation).


C. Tutorial Practicum (3 months) “Preparing your project proposal”. Our consultants will train you how to prepare a high-quality project proposal by

·         Monitoring your progress

·         Assisting you in preparation your actual proposal within a specific Call for Proposals.


Nobody knows your ideas better than you. But our consultants know better how to present your ideas to the European evaluators in order to increase your chance of winning the competition for funds. The applicant will write up his or her ideas (as well as all-important supporting information) step by step. Each step will be closely guided and monitored by two consultants assigned to this particular project for the whole process, from first discussion to sending the application off. The Practicum includes both remote consulting (exchange of messages and real-time telecommunication) and face-to-face discussions with the consultants (tutorials).


You are invited to choose any step or their combination of 3-STP according to your needs, as well as to propose their modification or additional components.

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